Please play 13 Sentinels


I wanted to post something on this game because it surprised me. Surprised me by a lot. I heard all the praise it got, how it won awards for its scenario, so I was expecting a good game, what I wasn’t expecting was one of the best sci-fi games I’ve ever read. This easily rank this up with the likes of Baldr Sky, Fate/Extra CCC, and Rance 10 as one of the most satisfying narrative experiences I’ve had in games. (A note that I won’t get into any major spoilers)

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Some Quick Reviews

This is blog is in a sense a trial so we will see how this works. Figured it might be a decent idea to give myself a reason to write more and not be held back by twitter threads. Just gonna throw out some short reviews of stuff I played recently and see where it goes. Planning at least one longer post / splurge at the moment but that will be a ways off when I get to that.

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